EV Cable Set for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - J1772, 40 A, 25 Feet


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To be attached to an EV charging station. One side has a standard Type 1 J1772 EV plug attached. The other side ends with copper terminal rings that attach to the terminal block instead the EVSE. 

This cable is a suitable replacement when the original output cord needs to be replaced. This J1772 EV cable has been designed to meet or exceed all SAE J1772 safety requirements. Please note that it requires a charging station to operate. 

Designation: EVJT Cable E344662
Conductors: 5 x 12 AWG 1 x 20 AWG
Jacket: PVC (Polyvinylchloride) 
Maximum output current: 40A
Outside diameter: 0.5" (14 mm)
Maximum voltage: 300 V
Length: 25 feet
Weight: lbs